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Piglet's Big Game

Piglet's Big Game

Piglet's Big Game is a humorous quest in which children can help Piglet find the ingredients for the big soup that Rabbit is making to share at a celebration with all of their friends.
Throughout the adventure, kids can explore the Hundred Acre Wood while solving brain-teasing puzzles that assist in sharpening their spatial, organizational, strategic and creative thinking skills.
In addition they can participate in four mini-games for additional fun and laughs.
Puzzle solving involves exploring the Hundred Acre Wood to find items in one location that fix a problem in another. For example, a plank serving as a footbridge across a stream on Piglet's way to Eeyore's outdoor painting gallery is required to help Pooh cross a ditch to his home where broken honey pots must be fixed. Later, Piglet uses a mended pot to get honey from Tigger as an ingredient for Rabbit's concoction. Puzzles and obstacles change slightly each time the game is played, such as different shards for various honey pots, different spices to arrange alphabetically for Owl, and varying locations for lost keys and collectible acorns.
The game is based on Piglet's Big Movie.


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