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hantu biang kerok






Ferry, Rifky, Simon, Steve & Aryo since are already small. During their youth, Steve should be moved to follow the master's house. Lapse of several years, while Steve will perform pernikahannya, Steve came back to the living environment for the duration of the four friends to invite karibnya.
Simon does not want to lose that precious moment that is the opportunity to meet with Steve, set up a direct party to the footman to create surprises and friend Steve.
In an old house, Simon spent the game "The Satan" is a game called with the spirit medium term. Simon read all mantra, Aryo create fear, while others love the game.
When strange atmosphere began, suddenly someone who is being considered, namely Burhan Pal and two hansip the Hansip Japra and Hansip Adung the event they come down.
When Steve arrived in the house, he has curiosity and disturbed by Hantu Wanita Tua who are already on them. The next day they all began to be different by being subtle.
Ferry Cs How can the problems that come now and the longer the conflict in their friendship?