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Costume Chaos [FINAL]

Although she lives on the island paradise of Hawaii, Cleo decides that she wants to leave and see the rest of the world and so she starts working in her mom’s costume rental shop to save up the required cash.
As customers arrive in the shop, you’ll drag them to the mirror where they’ll be measured (by tracing a measuring tape pattern with the mouse). Then it’s off to the fitting room where you’ll help them pick out the best costume for them by paying close attention to their facial expression. Finally, you’ll check the customer out and collect your cash.

Customers will bring back their old costumes and toss them into the return bin. You can’t let the bin get too full or it will overflow, so by clicking on three or more of the same colored costume you can make them disappear by throwing them into the washing machine. As if the action wasn’t hectic enough, you’ll find yourself having to click on the return bin periodically to keep it under control.
As you play, you’ll unlock new costumes and accessories that you can use to customize the four mannequins in your shop window. Besides regular mode, there’s also a relaxed mode where it’s impossible to lose.


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