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Kuntilanak Beranak (2009)






Bimo obsession is to make the impression that an element of horror television with the concept that has not been there. Together with Mia, Aline, and they agreed akan Bobby reveals the story of a ronggeng missing. In time they will travel in search for the village where ronggeng is lost, one of their friends force them to participate. Finally, they all agree to come with them Dea.
In the village, no one would orangpun tells about events that make it ronggeng lost.
When they decided to go home, they go in someone is dumb, who would accompany them to the home ronggeng leaders. Aline is the mother of a psychic to see there is something wrong going on Aline. Aline ask his mother not to go back to that place. Aline tells Bimo, but does not believe Bimo. They are still investigating the documentation and make the dancers ronggeng missing. With a home owned ronggeng force, they are entering. One by one they die.
Finally, Aline lived and Mia and ronggeng dancers cause of death was still a nail embedded in the body of the dancers. Difficult choices that happen to Mia and Aline when trying to save themselves, whether with dead friends and help the dancers ronggeng to be free from the pin and die quietly, or find a way out of the house and the ...
They choose the options that are difficult, when they put the meaning of friendship in their choice ...