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SiteDesigner Technologies 3D FTP 8.0.4

SiteDesigner Technologies 3D FTP 8.0.4

3D-FTP 8.0.4 is a fully featured FTP Client software for transferring files between your computer and FTP Servers. 3D-FTP uses the MultiWire™ transfer engine to help you transfer files up to 20x faster. Update your web site or download huge log files in a fraction of time normally taken with the other FTP Clients. The 3D-FTP uses the MultiWire™ multi-threaded transfer engine to take full advantage of broadband Internet connections. This means that 3D-FTP automatically makes up to 20 simultaneous connections to the FTP Server to speed up file transfers. 3D-FTP also allows you to transfer files in the background, while continuing work with other file management tasks.
3D-FTP is the perfect solution for:
- Web site publishing
- Remote file editing
- Remote server backups
- Uploading images to auction sites such as eBay
- Downloading game demos and mp3 music files
- Downloading free programs and utilities
- Downloading log files
- Fast multithreaded transfers
- Background transfers
- Folder synchronization
- Bookmarks
- Recurring scheduling
- Custom commands with macros
- Autoresume and Autoreconnect
- Session and Transfer logging
- Remote editor
- Site Manager with Import
- Folder total size with Tree view
- Print directory listings
- Selectable Themes to customize looks
- Automatic compression with MODE Z
- Unlimited file size support for files over 4GB+
- Full Windows Vista™ support
–ěS: Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
Home page - http://3dftp.com/3dftp.htm




Pass: www.dl4all.com

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