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Windows Vista SP1 Int Jan 2009 [RS]

Microsft windows vista utimate x86 SP1 Integrated January 2009 OEM DVD-BIE

Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP1 Integrated January 2009 OEM DVD-BIEThis version includes all updates available until October 2008. Also it uses one of those so called OEM Bios hack methods, so just install it and enjoy. After installation you can use Windows Update and all features.If you use the same computer at home and for your daily work, Windows Vista Ultimate is an excellent choice. You can smoothly shift between the things you want to do and the things you need to do. For fun, you’ll love the extensive options you get for music, images, live and recorded TV, and online entertainment. For work, you’ll find improved document sharing and networking support.

If your PC is a laptop, you’ll appreciate how easily you can manage and extend your battery life. And you’ll get the most advanced, layered security protection of any Windows release yet.

Release Name: Microsoft.Windows.Vista.ULTIMATE.x86.SP1.Integrate d.January.2009.OEM.DVD-BIE (x86)
Size : 2.84 GB

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